The Way We Work

Quality. Value. Image. Conduct. These aren’t just words. They’re us. They’re the way we work. They’re in everything we do. So if you want to work with us, you must embrace them. But then if you're the sort of person we look to recruit then you probably already have.

Flexibility is a given

Your hours. Your duties. Sometimes, even your location. We need you to be flexible around these. The more flexible, the better. And – very important – punctual too.

Pull together as a team

We love individuality. And we love teamwork. But they must go hand in hand. No one’s bigger than the team. It works for great sports teams. And it works for us. Teamwork, teamwork, teamwork, support, support, support.

The customer comes first

No one and nothing matters more than the customer. Without customers, we have no business. Without customers, you have no job. So we’re always polite. Always efficient. Always helpful. Always gracious. Always. No matter what. The customer comes first.


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Latest jobs

  • Center Parcs - Cafe Rouge - Commis Chef
      Cafe Rouge - Center Parcs, Whinfell
      Hourly rate starting from £7.56 with excellent CDG benefits and Center Parcs perks.
  • Heathrow - Waiter/Waitress
      Heathrow Airport, T4, Oriel
      Hourly rate starting from £7.50 with excellent CDG benefits and Heathrow Airport perks.
  • Heathrow - Runner
      Heathrow Airport, T4, Oriel
      Hourly rate of £7.50 with excellent CDG and Heathrow Airport benefits

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